I Would Not Debate Trump


If I were in Hillary’s place I would refuse to debate Donald Trump. He is not a serious candidate for President and he will probably make her look ridiculous – or worse.

After all, if a pig challenged me to a mud wrestling contest, would I accept? Of course not!

There’s no way I could emerge from it looking good. Both of us would be covered in slime.

Trump has no regard for facts or the truth. He has no ethics, no principles, no limits. He will say anything – however absurd – and blithely contradict it the next second. How do you look serious debating someone like that?

I would issue an invitation to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein and get one of the networks to sponsor a debate with them. No Trump.

This entire presidential campaign has been a lie because it presents Trump as a legitimate candidate when he is so obviously nothing of the sort. He is a liar and a rogue. He associates with he scum of the earth. Everything he does or says is fraudulent.

The media have betrayed the American people by providing him with millions of dollars worth of free publicity. And the media have exaggerated everything negative they can dig up about the Clintons, even accusations that were debunked ages ago.

With the incessant beat of Trump, Trump, Trump on the airwaves, it’s a miracle that Hillary’s poll numbers match his. He must surely have more name recognition today than anyone else in the world.

By attempting to engage this charlatan in serious debate, Hillary will be climbing into the mud pit with him. And that’s his natural home.

Hillary has any number of reasons to reject the debates. She could say, for example, that she will not debate him until he releases his tax returns. And I suspect he can’t do that and stay out of prison.

Of course there would be a price to pay for refusing to debate Trump. But I fear the cost of debating him could far exceed the cost of refusing to debate him.

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