If Hamas is a “Terrorist Organization,” How Could Election be Legal?

HamasI blame the United States for causing the carnage in Gaza. More precisely I blame George W. Bush. It was his crazy definition of “democracy” that enabled the Hamas rise to power, and it was his blind support of Israel that has enabled the slaughter of nearly 200 Palestinian children (so far) in the current over-the-top Israeli offensive.

Hamas is branded a “terrorist organization” by the international community, including President Bush. So, I don’t see how such a group could legally run for office and get elected as Hamas did in Palestine (Prime Minister Ismail Haniya is pictured at right). To me “terrorist” is equal to “outlaw.” Yet it was Bush who pressured the Palestinian Authority to conduct the election that resulted in Hamas gaining control of Gaza, from which they could fire rockets into Israel anytime they felt like it. After that blunder, Bush should have moved to disqualify Hamas from forming a government. Instead, he presented the election as a successful process, talked about “the power of democracy” and said that he liked a “good competition of ideas.”

Having legitimized the Hamas victory, Bush could have made amends by leading an international initiative to round up the Hamas leaders and bring them to justice as soon as the first rocket from Gaza hit Israeli soil. He did nothing but talk nonsense about a supposedly imminent peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Like most of his proclamations, the words were hardly out of his mouth before events proved them false.

Some of the TV talking heads are suggesting that Israel launched its bloody offensive into Gaza at this time because the country’s leaders were confident of Bush’s unconditional support, while they were not so sure that incoming President Obama would let them get away with that kind of genocide. If they’re right, it’s a sad commentary on the legacy of George W. Bush.

But what’s new about that? Every day seems to bring another blot on the Bush legacy. I am left wondering whether he is genuinely evil (as I am sure Dick Cheney is) or just incredibly stupid.

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