If He Were a White Man…

I can’t help wondering how President Obama would be treated if he were white. I know being a Democrat in the White House – regardless of color – is no picnic. Republicans do everything they can to make your life miserable. But being a black President is something else.

I doubt the House of Representatives would vote to sue the President if he were white. Not even Nixon faced that kind of insult.

And the lawsuit is so absurd! The Republicans are suing President Obama for delaying a provision of the Affordable Care Act, which they voted to repeal about 50 times.

I doubt the case will get anywhere in the judicial system. It’s just another empty gesture meant to belittle President Obama.

But I am sure Republicans won’t let that deter them. If they win control of Congress in November, they are going to impeach the President.

How unfair is that? He has committed no crime. Indeed, he has done an amazing job, considering.

True, he hasn’t delivered everything he promised. But consider the Congress he has had to work with.  This Congress is the least productive in history – by far. Republicans in the House and Senate have done nothing but attack the President’s agenda, blocking every useful piece of legislation he has proposed and sabotaging his appointments.

Yet President Obama has managed to do a lot despite the toxic environment in which he has had to operate.

He has revived an economy scuttled by Bush and his pals, created millions of jobs, introduced a program to provide affordable health care for all Americans, sought – often successfully –  justice for minorities of all kinds, provided protection for undocumented immigrants brought to America as children, and kept America out of war in a world gone mad.

Think of what he could have achieved if he had a reasonable Congress to work with!

I know there are myriad reasons for the hatred and ridicule he and his family have had to face. (And you have to admire the grace and dignity with which they have endured their ordeal.) But come on, surely there’s a racial element involved?

I wonder how it would have been if Barack Obama were a white man. Don’t you?

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