I’m Voting Democrat; the Alternative Terrifies Me

I am a registered Independent but I plan to vote a straight Democratic ticket in November. It’s not that I think the Democrats are perfect. Far from it.  But the alternative scares me to death.

The choice seems to be between a ragged, uneven bunch, including far too many self serving opportunists, and a finely tuned political machine designed to overthrow democracy and place the reins of power in the hands of a ruthless elite.

It has become increasingly clear to me that the Republican Party is under the control of powerful interests intent on reshaping society to their advantage. I see their footprints not just in America but in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Europe. And I’m convinced they’ve got their greedy eyes on the rest of the world.

This immensely wealthy and well organized movement is funding a brand of political activism designed to dismantle social programs and promote policies to enrich and empower its members. The label for their key initiative is “austerity.” Their tactics include financial sabotage, and their agenda embraces continuous war.

Unchecked, their crusade will leave the industrialized world in ruins. The society that rises from the ashes will include only the very, very rich and the wretchedly poor. The middle class will be a memory.

Of course I can’t prove any of this. So go ahead and call me paranoid… delusional… etc.

They’re counting on you doing that.

I mean who would believe that an international elite has mobilized to reshape society to their advantage? That’s the kind of conspiracy theory “educated people” scoff at. But look around you, listen to the Republican presidential hopefuls, study their proposals. Then tell me who they represent.

And consider the bottomless campaign chest at their disposal.

Coming into this election, the Republican Party is massively funded and highly motivated. Professional propagandists are pushing all the right buttons, evoking residual racism, religious distrust and bigoted self righteousness to divide and rule.

For people like me, any one of the Republican presidential candidates would be an unmitigated disaster in the White House.

Has President Obama lived up to my expectations? No, he has not.

But has he done as well as he could under the circumstances? Perhaps.

Have the Democrats in Congress fulfilled my hopes? Don’t make me laugh!

But am I prepared to replace them with Republicans? Don’t make me cry!

For me, the bottom line is that there may be enough idealism in the Democratic Party to set this country right. If enough of us wake up to the threat facing America, democracy could possibly be saved. Government could once again be “for the people.”

It’s a long shot, but I’m betting on it.