IMPORTANT: Why You MUST Buy & Gift All Tessanne’s iTunes songs right now for her to WIN!!!


All iTunes sales since the Live Playoffs started  on November 4th, 2013  has counted towards the  three finalists vote totals for the finale. So your purchases right counts toward helping Tessanne.   As you can see below as of last week Will was leading according to Show Rating TV. Go buy Tessanne’s iTunes songs now and gift it to friends.

Jacquie Lee – 2008
Will Champlin – 2763
Tessane Chin – 2013 (BUY Now!!!)

Please read the snippet from “The Voice” rule book.

Official The Voice rulebook:

“If any of the artists’ Eligible Songs from the live performances (airing beginning November 4, 2013) are in the top ten (10) of the iTunes “Top 200 Singles Chart” at the close of the episode’s applicable Voting Period, that artist will receive an “iTunes Bonus,” which multiplies the artist’s iTunes Votes for that Eligible Song by five (5).”

“Following the broadcast of the finale performance episode, the artist receiving the highest number of total audience votes will be declared the winner of the Show. The audience vote consists of the cumulative number of votes received during the finale’s Voting Period by Phone Voting, Online Voting, and Text Voting, in addition to the Cumulative iTunes Vote Total. The “Cumulative iTunes Vote Total” means the total number of iTunes purchases of an artist’s Eligible Songs from the live performances… including any iTunes Bonuses (if any) previously earned by the artist.”