In defense of Rastafari…Is it the duty of all Jamaicans


I frequently get emails or see comments on the site about Rastafari being displayed in a “bad light” therefore it reflects on all Jamaicans. Three the comments/emails this week struck a cord because of the pattern I have seen over the years. People who are not Jamaican or did not grow up in Jamaica assume that every Jamaican know about Rastafari or must defend it.

I am fortunate to know a “little bit” due to research and discussions with close family members who are “true Rastafarians” however that average Jamaican does not have a clue. With that said how can they expect the average non-rastafarian Jamaican to respond when they ask if you are offended as a Jamaican because of a Rasta image being used for something deemed as “unclean”? What if you think Rastafari is a cult are you obligated as a Jamaican to defend it? Many non-Jamaicans think so.