Have a Blessed Christmas!



Tomorrow Sandra and I will be at my daughter Grace’s house in St. Petersburg for Christmas Dinner. Frank, Grace’s fantastic husband, will drive to Lakeland to pick us up and then drive us back afterwards. At my advanced age, I no longer trust myself to drive any distance, especially at night.

Sandra and I hope to see my grandsons Jonathan and Adam (and their girlfriends, who we understand are sensational!) as well as Frank’s sister, who was recently widowed.

We consider ourselves so blessed that we are able to share this season of peace with our loved ones, and – as we remember beloved family members who are in pain or distress – we also say a prayer for the millions around the world whom we do not know personally that are are besieged by war or sickness or dire poverty.

In this blessed season, I would like to extend an affectionate greeting to readers of this blog – and an olive branch to those who might have been offended by my views during the past year.

We do not have to see the world in the same way in order to be friends.

Peace and love – and respect – to all those who read my blogs.