In the Wake of the Debate



Remember the Great Debate? Remember all the punditry that followed? Dozens of wise looking folks summing it all up for us. What wouild we have done without them? We would have had to make up our own minds. Imagine that! We the people actually forming an intelligent opinion. Who ever heard of such a thing?

As it turns out, the pundits were completely (laughably) wrong. As in misled… confused… or maybe just plain dumb.

They said, not one but all, that Carly Fiorina had emerged from the Happy Hour debate with new star power. And where is Carly now? Way, way down in the latest poll conducted for Fox News. Yes, I know 5 percent is a big improvement on the 1 percent she used to score, but with a 4 percent margin of error, I don’t think it means that much.

They assured us that Marco Rubio, the young senator from Florida, had distinguished himself and was on his way to the top. Actually Rubio impressed few viewers. His latest poll number dipped to 4 percent (and, remember, that’s the margin of error).

And didn’t I hear them joining in a chorus of doom for Donald Trump? Actually, Trump is going from strength to strength. His latest poll position is still Number One, with 25 percent, more than double the second-place candidate, Ben Carson. You remember Ben Carson? He is the supposed genius who wants to replace the income tax with a Biblical tithing system. The pundits wrote him off after the debate, but 12 percent of the Republicans in the Fox poll think he would make a great chief of state.

Who’s on third? Crazy Ted Cruz, that’s who. That should come as a surprise to the pundits! His 10 percent should make them rethink their punditry.

More and more, it seems that America’s Republican base is defying all attempts at logic. They seem to want a president who will rage, rage aginst the dying of the light, not one who will try to light a candle.

Is that what the rest of America wants? I guess we’ll find out next November.

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