Jamaica’s Independence 2006 Activities In Australia – August 6th, 2006

Jamaica Independence Day will be celebrated at Toowoomba International Christian Church at 43 Gorman Street this Sunday (August 6th, 2006). Forty four years ago on 6 August 1962 Jamaica gained independence from British rule and became a member of the Commonwealth. Despite some problems with unemployment, crime and violence, the Jamaican society is largely Christian. Churches flourish in Jamaica to the extent that the country holds the uncertain record in the Guinness Book of Records as having the most churches per capita mile in the world.

Jamaican singer/songwriter Jason Brown will perform a number of Jamaican songs and Jamaican preacher Dr Delroy Brown will speak. A free international lunch, including Jamaican foods, will be served. The public is invited. For further contact: 4613 6013.

Walk good!

Dr Delroy Brown
Christian Minister

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