Grenadian Author, Quamme Joseph Pledges Support For Student Education Initiative

Impressed with the objectives and success at planning and implementing the Donate to Educate Programme, Quamme Joseph, Grenadian Motivational Speaker and Author, has pledged to make the programme one of his local charities. The programme will receive 10% of annual books sales for its entire duration.

Quamme made the announcement last week at the Donate to Educate Programme launch on Thursday, July 9 at the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD) where he was the Guest Speaker.

“Right here in Jamaican and in the Caribbean we are failing thousands of children every day,” Joseph said while making a call for a greater sense of responsibility to be adopted so that children’s dreams could be realised.

Joseph through his Positive Dreams campaign has successfully travelled the Caribbean promoting his book The Power of a Dream, which will be launched at Bryan’s Bookstore in the New Kingston Shopping Centre, Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 5pm.

Quamme Joseph has been very successful boasting an enviable record of personal achievement by completing his short-term goals, including returning to his former primary school as a teacher, excellence in both commercial and offshore banking. He has also undertaken management of third party services in Grenada for one the largest mobile telecom companies in the Caribbean. Now Quamme is at St. Georges University School of Medicine in pursuit of his lifelong dream to become a neurosurgeon.

Joseph’s decision to contribute to Donate to Educate is consistent with his great love for humanitarian work and his belief in giving back and helping the needy in whenever he can.

The Power of a Dream, which is being promoted in Jamaica, is a book that will enlighten and motivate anyone who feels that they have lost sight of their dream. Quamme Joseph who authors the book underscores in its pages that regardless of age your – you can achieve your dream, by teaching how to make it all happen.