Investing in our Kids for Legacy Dividends

Think with me for a few moments.

Take a journey back in time to your teenage years.

Yes, you had hair back then in the right place.

You had hopes and dreams of conquering the world.



You may have had a parent , grandparent, a teacher, pastor,  coach, church member, friend, boss who believed in you, and gave of themselves, because they believed in you.

Their contributions were large and small.

They paid for music lessons.

They provide rides.

They put some chance in you pockets.

They had you over for dinner and a pep talk when you were down.

they sent you to summer camp.

They sent you care packages.

Do I need to say more?  Yes it took a community to realize our metamorphosis.



Well, when we believe that the way we progress as a people is by practicing the principle of the survival of the knitted.

The Jamaican Nationals Association is launching their Fall campaign to ensure that all of our aspiring kids will have the extra boost they need to enter the circle of  champs.

Click to listen to Ms. Jennifer Asher, executive board member describe the campaign.



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