Is Nothing Private?



Whether we like it or not, we must live in the body God gave us. And that body has certain natural functions. You would think that everybody would have figured this out by now.

So why is Hillary’s bathroom break such big news?

Her tardiness in returning to the debate stage the other night is becoming one of the most talked about political events of the campaign season. Twittered about and tittered about at great length.

Several Republican presidential candidates took to Twitter to ridicule Hillary.  And New York Times columnist Frank Bruni felt obliged to come to her defense, noting that “everybody pees.”

Of course, bathroom breaks are right up Donald Trump’s alley. Apparently, at the ripe, old age of 69, he still retains a frat house sense of humor. I bet he enjoyed those Jackass movies, too.

But this silliness can’t be brushed off as a joke. A headline in the Huffington Post this morning proclaims:

Biology Doesn’t Write Laws: Hillary Clinton’s Bathroom Break Wasn’t As Trivial As Some Might Like to Think

The article, by Soraya Chemaly, argues that the incident underscores a persistent strain of sexism in America. And she makes a compelling case. Explaining that Hillary was late because the women’s bathroom facilities were not only much farther away than the men’s but were also inadequate, Ms. Chemaly observes:

The argument, “it’s biology, get over it” is a silly one. Biology, as one reader put it, “doesn’t design restrooms.” Biology also doesn’t write laws. That, too, is relevant.

Yes, America is sexist. And, yes, it’s not only manifested in the lack of adequate public facilities for women but also in more consequential aberrations, such as anti-abortion laws and wage inequity.

But there’s something else . And, while it is not as serious as sexism, it’s certainly discouraging. My mother would’ve described it as “vulgarity.”

Increasingly, I notice bodily functions are joked about in movies, TV and the press. I am not going to go into lurid detail. You know what I mean.

And I’m old fashioned enough to believe such topics should be handled with decorum – even when they become a matter of public concern.

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