Is Rick Scott OK?

I mean is he all right mentally? He doesn’t sound like it. First, there was his delay in taking the stage for the opening of Wednesday night’s debate because Charlie Crist had a small fan (the electric kind, not the human kind) at his podium. Then there was Scott’s rambling closing statement.

It was not just incoherent, it was imbecilic.

If you didn’t catch the debate, you might want to click on the link at the bottom of this blog and read what the Daily Kos had to say about Scott’s closing message.

Surely, this guy isn’t mentally equipped to be Florida’s governor?

I knew he was a shady character who paid a fine of more than a billion dollars for Medicare fraud, but I didn’t know what a fog he’s in.

Even if you don’t agree that he is mentally not up to the task of governing, I would like to remind you of the miserable job he has done so far. Who could possibly want four more years of this?

I am appalled at those recent stand-your-ground murders, for one thing.

And if my kids or grandkids were still in school, I would be fuming over the way Scott is starving educational institutions for funds. But that’s not as disgraceful as his cuts to essential social services, such as rape crisis centers and agencies for physically and mentally disabled children.

Budget cuts to the Department of Children and Families have resulted in the deaths of at least 40 children!

Layoffs and budget cuts in social services were supposed to make up for the loss of revenue resulting from Scott’s reduction of corporate taxes, which he expected would bring employers flocking to Florida.

Obviously this tactic hasn’t worked.

Remember how he promised to create 1.7 million jobs by cutting corporate taxes, etc.? Well, he hasn’t. At Wednesday’s debate. he was bragging about creating 700,000 jobs by 2017, even though economists have pointed out that a million jobs should be added in Florida by then regardless of who is governor.

His sorry legacy also includes vetoing funds for wildlife preservation, and slashing the budgets for whooping cough vaccine, legal assistance to the poor, at-risk pregnant women, needy senior citizens, the homeless …

Yet he was able to find $600,000 to redecorate the governor’s mansion and more than $400,000 for a state business logo.

The case against Scott goes on and on, and you can read more by clicking on this link:

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