Is that a Wig or Weave Portia Simpson? the Prime Minister of Jamaica is Wearing.

So, I could not help but to wonder if the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson, was wearing a wig or a weave. Or was that all her hair?   I kept checking out her hair only to come up with one conclusion, and that was, IT WAS A WIG… I think she has about 12 wigs that look exactly alike. ‘Cause thats the only hairstyle I ever see her rocking. I may be wrong.  I think she is a very beautiful woman that has a rebel underlying approach….Almost Ghetto when needs be and intelligent and sassy as needed- Men step aside…I love women power.  What more can a woman ask for. She is an inspiration to me and should be for a lot of young women coming up.  But dag on it….can you picture her with real hair…..??? I love her because she seems to be involved in the Jamaican community and when she was invited to come abroad to represent the athletes coming out of Jamaica she stepped up to the plate and did so, – Unlike all other former Jamaican Prime Ministers. These pictures were taken earlier this year at the Young Friends of Team Jamaica Reception to raise funds for Team Jamaica Bikkle the Non Profit Org that helps to take care of the Caribbean athletes who participate in the Penn Relays every year in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. By the Way she also spoke at the reception.  She came across strong, intelligent, and powerful. And might I add-Beautiful.  Love her….