Is this Jamaican the Usain Bolt of Value Creation?

Let’s face it, we idolize Usain Bolt. We can remember where we were when he blazed into atlethic immortality last August in London.
I was travelling into the hills of St. Catherine to visit a long lost cousin, Dorrett. My aunt Lema and I were the only ones on the road, listening on the radio in anticipation to see if Blake would dethrone the king. I remember those zippy moments following the race when the community erupted into a blare of horns and gleeful shouts as to the one – two Jamaican finish. In 9.76 seconds, this man caused our spirits to soar, and added new chapters to our collected national pride.

Contrast that scene to an office, filled with books and clean, desk, and a phone. It is as quiet as prayer closet, but a call or an email from this man can have rippling implications
to the world economy, wiping the smile off your face caused by Usain Bolt, or enabling a life dream for your child’s education loan.

Yes, you are in the office of Peter Henry
Peter Who? you may say. Why should I care? Peter a Jamaican born dean of New York University’s Leonard Stern School of Business, the youngest person to hold this position.

His influence goes beyond setting the educational framework for the value creators on Wall Street.
His expertise as a guru of the global economy is well regarded.Debt relief impact on emerging economies is just one of his specialities.
He was chosen to lead the Obama transistion team to review the IMF and the World bank.
He has been called to testify to the US sente on monetary issues.
He has advised the governments of Ghana and Jamaica

This past Sunday, he gave an interview that you may want to check out.

In a world where billions of dollars of transaction happen before Usain Bolt leave the starting block, we better reframe our thinking on value creation and follow and champion others whose decisions will have lifetime consequences on your family’s future. Peter has a book to be published in mere weeks, entitled, TURNAROUND: Third World Lessons for First World Growth. Stay tuned!