Is it News when a Million Children Starve?

It isn’t making much of a splash in the news we get here in Central Florida, but once again famine is ravaging the African continent.

People are starving.

Fellow human beings. Including more than a million children. Accidents of a tragically inefficient global economy, dying a  horrible, slow, torturous death.

And yesterday I brought home left-over lobster for a possum that lives under the oak tree by the garage. Sandra and I were treated to lunch at the Red Lobster by close (and loving)relatives because it was my birthday. My 83rd.

Of course there’s no way to get the food we throw away in America to the starving millions in other parts of the world, But we could at least care.

I am not hearing much about this latest African famine. Our news is obsessed with Trump.

Did he get he get help from the Russians in winning the US presidency?

Did his lackeys collude with Putin’s lackeys?

Can he talk the dolts in Congress into pursuing his evil agenda – repealing Obamacare and slashing foreign aid, for example?

Just who are his international associates and how toxic are they?

Yes. these are perilous times in America.

But can we pause for a while in mourning our own misfortune to see what can be done to alleviate the abject misery in Africa?

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