Issa Trust Foundation Medical Team Conducts Week Long Hospital Visits

A group of doctors nurses and bio meds arrived in Jamaica from the U.S.A. on Sunday, September 12th, 2023 along with the Issa Trust Foundation President, Diane Pollard. 

Issa Trust Foundation Medical Team Conducts Week Long Hospital Visits
Paul Issa and his medical team

The Issa Trust Foundation has maintained a longstanding relationship with the Ministry of Health & Wellness, and various Regional Health Authorities throughout Jamaica for many years, and is always interested in strengthening these alliances. The Issa Trust Foundation’s medical team during the week aimed to assess areas to collaborate in developing programs for improving the quality of care in pediatric and neonatal care in various areas of the country. 

They visited the Deputy Nursing Officer at the Ministry Of Health, Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Bustamante Hospital for Children, Spanish Town Hospital, and the St. Ann’s Bay Health Center. Their biomedical engineers focused on training and assisting in the repairs of equipment. The meetings gave the Issa Trust Foundation a better understanding of the health facilities’ needs from a training and collaborative perspective while strategizing in developing methods to collaborate and improve the quality of care in these facilities. 

In addition, they looked at the needs of pharmaceutical medications needed for neonates across the island who are in dire need of support. 

President of the Issa Trust Foundation, Diane Pollard said she was very excited to be embarking on this new collaboration, especially with the addition of their newest medical advisor, Dr. Samantha Walker, consultant neonatologist in SERHA. Through these new collaborative efforts, the Issa Trust Foundation continues its journey to becoming a stellar example of medical care for children in Jamaica. 

The relationships will also help the Issa Trust Foundation continue to plan and build the Mary Issa Pediatric & Adolescent Health Center in St. Ann.