It Makes No Sense



I’ve been watching the PGA tournament online this morning,  when I should have been reading about world events and writing a blog. But what can I say about the world? What can I say about America? Nothing fresh and original, I’m sure.

I cannot offer any new insights into current events. All that comes to mind are familiar refrains, tired old sayings like: Things are not what they seem… You never know how things will turn out… Never give up … The darkest day is before dawn … Time heals all wounds … This, too, shall pass …

And so on.

I listened to America’s president conduct his press conference yesterday, and I could feel his frustration. Here’s a man who is obviously trying to do his best and getting no respect. The Russians mocked him on his birthday, splashing racist images on the US embassy in Moscow. The Israelis are heaping invective on his graying head as he tries to help them solve their deadly impasse with the Palestinians.

The ebola virus is wreaking havoc in Africa and threatening America, and his best efforts to help the people of Africa cope with that and so many other challenges are all but ignored by the media.

Meanwhile, he is wrestling with a heart-rending immigration crisis and facing the choice (as an ABC reporter put it) between being called an “imperial”  dictator or an ineffectual layabout. He is damned if he acts, damned if he doesn’t.

The House of Representatives, controlled by a bunch of raving maniacs, is suing him for delaying a law they voted 50 times to repeal. And that’s not extreme enough for the Republican base. They want him impeached. For what? Who knows?

His ratings are at an all-time low. Better than the approval level of Congress, but even head lice have a better approval rating than Congress.

The latest polls show Americans hate their government, hate the Democrats, and hate the Republicans even more,

And yet I keep reading that the Republicans could win the Senate and keep the House in November.

Does that make sense?

Nothing makes sense. Not even the PGA tournament.

Who is that guy that looks like Tiger Woods? Why can’t he hit the ball like Tiger Woods? Why can’t he putt like Tiger Woods?

Why am I watching him?

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