It’s Campaign Season Already

If you think this has been the worst Congress possible, you’re – sadly – mistaken. The worst is yet to come. Expect nothing good for the coming year from the folks American voters have sent to Washington. Their only concern is the midterm elections in November. Until then, it’s campaign season.

The Republicans are obsessed with Obamacare and will devote all their resources to exposing the law’s shortcomings. They see this issue as their ticket to winning the Senate and keeping the House. And, boy!, will they stick it to Obama if they do!

If some dimwit in Arkansas messes up his enrollment and finds out he isn’t covered when he thought he was, look out! The Republicans will be on it like a duck on a June bug (as Rhett would say). And what will they suggest to replace the health care law? Nothing of course. They don’t do replacements, only demolitions.

The Democrats will try to show what good guys they are by fighting for such noble causes as immigration reform and trying to get those expired unemployment benefits restored. There will be a lot of ringing rhetoric, but will the Republicans let them get credit for doing anything good? Not with those midterms looming.

There will be much talk about “bipartisanship.” If there’s one thing those politicians know it’s that America is fed up with the gridlock. But they won’t risk alienating their base by partnering with the other guys. Not if they’re facing re-election, anyway. There’s too much bad blood between the parties.

On one hand you have the loony Tea Party ever ready to throw themselves on their swords to show how committed they are to their cause (whatever that is). On the other hand, you have the Progressives, who have finally had enough and are not going to take it (whatever it is) any more. When an activist like Bill de Blasio (pictured above with wife Chirlane McCray) becomes mayor of New York you know the Progressive movement has its fightin’ stripes on.

Even Smiling Barack seems to have had it with those spiteful Republicans. He’s not likely to be playing golf with John Boehner anytime in the next eight or nine months. And there will be no invitations to any GOP congressmen to come share an arugula salad or shoot a few hoops at the White House. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

On the other hand, if you think the Republicans have been mean to the President so far, just wait. You haven’t seen mean yet.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they figure out some trumped up excuse to try and impeach him.

As for “dirty tricks,” expect the worst. It will be winner take all in November. And until then, it’s no holds barred.

Surely, the voters must realize they have to choose between the Republicans and the Democrats once and for all. They can’t give one party control of the House and the other party control of the Senate. Not if they expect to get anything done in Washington. The notion that you can ensure some kind of centrist balance by dividing control of the government may be tempting but – trust me – it’s an illusion.

You might not like everything either party does, but you will have to choose – even if you think you’re choosing between the Devil and the deep blue sea. (That includes you, Janice. Voting for a third party will get you nowhere, even if it scratches where you itch.)

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