It’s Getting Harder to Love


I know some people who vote Republican.  Some even voted for Donald Trump. And I still open the door when they come calling. I still try to smile and feel a little brotherhood toward them.

I believe in Voltaire’s declaration that even if we disagree with what others say, we should “defend to the death” their right to say it.

I believe we should, as the Good Book admonishes, try to avoid being judgmental.

I believe we should “love one another.”

But, as an old  John Lennon song put it, you know it ain’t easy.

How can I feel love toward Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins, for example? I read in this morning’s news that he chose an Auschwitz gas chamber as the stage for a You Tube video ranting about US national security.

That’s not just insensitive, that’s inhuman. And if I am being judgmental, I am sure the Good Lord understands and will cut me some slack.

I am sure He also understands my revulsion when I read about heinous crimes. I feel hate – even a lust for vengeance – toward child abusers, rapists, murderers and other despicable villains.

But I need special dispensation for the loathing I feel toward Trump and his minions.

When I read how all those Trump supporters were enraged by NPR’s tweeting of the Declaration of Independence in honor of the Fourth, for instance.  The minions didn’t recognize it. They thought NPR was “inciting violence.”

I defy you to love people as dumb as that. They are beyond love, beyond like, even beyond pity.

And they’re not the worst Trump supporters. His “33 percent” includes not just dopes but racists, bigots, sexists, xenophobes, greed heads, con artists and crooks.

I can understand why Hillary called some Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables.”  But that probably cost her the presidency. Sometimes you should bite your tongue.

And I know I should try to  love the sinner even when I hate the sin.

But that’s hard. And it’s it’s getting harder every time I read the news.

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