It’s Looking Merry after all


Back on line after a few days of site maintenance, and just in time to wish readers of this blog a merry Christmas. Sandra and I are merrily trying to figure out the instructions on the wrappers that came with the 14-pound turkey and the 6-pound ham. Yes, we will have lots of food on the table even though our only Christmas Day guest is grandson Adam, who is driving down from Tallahassee tonight then heading back to go to work on Thursday.

Adam is one of those go-getters who can hold down a job and still keep up with his classes. He’s at Florida State, and is to graduate next spring with a major in International Affairs and a minor in Spanish. He is in charge of one of those student residence complexes and seems to be a pretty good salesman. He told me he personally leased half of the units in his complex.

Adam is a good student but he’s not quite as committed as his elder brother Jonathan; he’s more fond of sports. Jonathan, who has his master’s in accounting and persevered to become a CPA, is doing well at work and recently got promoted – again. There’s no doubt in my mind that Jonathan will be one of those corporate CEOs I complain about in my blogs (you know, when I get wound up about income inequality, etc.).

I don’t see Adam becoming a CEO. But he has a rare quality that could make him even more successful. People trust him. Even in kindergarten, the other kids looked to him for leadership. And it’s not just because he is so big (they’re both over 6 feet tall).

I told Sandra last night that Jonathan is going to become the CEO of a company some day and find out that Adam owns the company. She laughed and said I should write that in one of my blogs. So I did. I always do what she tells me to do.

Before I sign off, I want to assure you that the turkey, ham and various other Christmas Day treats will not go to waste. Sister Elizabeth and brother-in-law Wendell (Watson) are coming to see us on Boxing Day (if you don’t know when that is, ask one of your Jamaican or Canadian friends). And they’re bringing Christine, my youngest offspring with them.

If there’s any food left after they leave, we’ll wrap it up and take it with us to Grace and Frank (Adam and Jonathan’s parents) in St. Petersburg on Sunday. They couldn’t come to see us over Christmas because it was Grace’s turn to watch over her division worldwide while all the other managers get a much-deserved Christmas break.  That means she has to be in Miami to – as she explained – take the responsibility if anything goes wrong.

Son Ross was supposed to be here for Christmas but his Aunt Frances became gravely ill, and he is staying in Toronto to visit her in the hospital.  He phoned this morning to say he will try to make it before the New Year. His next contract – as a Bank of Nova Scotia program manager – starts January 6, so he will have to be back in Canada by then.

I’m looking forward to getting in a few rounds of golf with Ross, as my busted knee is almost 100 percent again. I’ll be playing from the forward tees, of course. And I have been rehearsing all my ailments to use as an excuse when he beats me.

So you see, in spite of my recent misadventures, it’s turning out to be a jolly time of year after all.

Photo shows (from left) Grace, Jonathan, Frank and Adam.