It’s About Time..So Says Recording Artiste Latoya Chambers

Guerilla Music Production recording artiste Latoya Chambers, recently performed at Talyor Hall at the University of the West Indies, Saturday February 25, 2012 to an audience that was very appreciative of the performance she gave. Latoya received several encores during her short performance but for the most part got her audience attention with the delivery of  songs, fresh from Guerilla Music  Label studios.   


Latoya graced the stage of Taylor Hall auditorium, with the introduction of her current single, It’s About Time to a rousing applause. She paused for a few seconds to interact with her audience and took the opportunity to plug the video for the single (click to watch ) that has been in rotation on local cable and television channels before she reeling off a second song titled, Caan Hurry Love.  For this she received another big applause then exited the stage feeling accomplished.


Latoya has been making the rounds promoting her It’s About Time single over the past few weeks.  She was invited to HYPE TV Cable channel in Kingston for an interview on the popular Up and Live show recently and again got encouraging feedback from her audience.  As this young artiste seek local and international recognition for her work, the Guerilla Music Label family explores different avenues to attract the masses and create these breakthrough opportunities for it’s first female artistes.