Persons Sheltering In Clarendon Schools To Be Housed In Tents

MAY PEN, Sept. 20 (JIS):

The Clarendon Parish Disaster Committee is in the process of identifying alternative accommodation for persons still seeking shelter at schools in the parish, to facilitate the speedy resumption of classes.

Parish Disaster Coordinator, Nether Lyttle, told JIS News that contact had been made with the May Pen ministers fraternal to request that large tents, which are used by the churches for various activities, be erected at selected locations to house persons needing shelter.

It is being recommended that the tents be placed at the playfields of the Bustamante High School and the Portland Cottage All-age School in the southern part of the parish. “The schools need to reopen and some are partially reopened to accommodate upper level students, so we are making an effort to move the persons who have been sheltering in these schools to the tents as quickly as possible,” he said.

Where possible, persons are also being asked to move in with relatives or friends, as only those who are homeless will be accommodated in the tents.

Mr. Lyttle said that the provision of the tents was a short-term measure and would allow persons in need to be properly monitored and given the necessary medical and welfare support. He said that as soon as the ministers fraternal gave the confirmation for the use of the tents, the relocation process would commence.