JA Independence 58 Message – Consul General Oliver Mair

On behalf of the Consulate General of Jamaica, it is my distinct pleasure to extend warm Independence greetings to fellow Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica as we join in the spirit of goodwill to celebrate another milestone of our nation’s history, the 58th anniversary of Independence.

JA Independence 58 Message - Consul General Oliver Mair 1
The theme for this year’s celebration is “Jamaica 58 Resilient and Strong”.  It is therefore an opportune time to reflect upon the sacrifices of our forebearers who laid the foundation for our independent spirit. Let us honour the strength and vigour of our National Heroes, our national leaders, our scholars and cultural ambassadors, who paved the way to Jamaica achieving her independence.

With the global challenge facing us today, we are encouraged to use this time to unite, in continuing their efforts.  But we will have to begin thinking differently as we are now in the new digital age.  Every crisis presents an opportunity, and this crisis is an opportunity for new thinking, a challenge for inspiration and a positive outlook; not for the negatives.  As Jamaicans, we have that indomitable spirit to always strive for the best whether at home or abroad.  Let us unite in the same vein but with a new level of thinking, creativity and energy that will move us further ahead.

With the national theme, we have created events over the period reflecting “Eight (8) Days of Independence” to guide our focus on economic building, exposing our rich culture and heritage, and embracing a new approach towards health awareness.  Jamaicans across the Diaspora are invited to join us virtually in the Southern United States to celebrate our colourful history, our achievements and contribution to the global community.

On behalf of the staff of the Consulate, let me express our profound gratitude to all Jamaicans who have selflessly stepped up with generosity of spirit in contributing to our people at home and abroad during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are truly a blessed people.

As we celebrate with friends and family, let us reaffirm our pledge to rebuild not only our nation, but a world strong and resilient under God.


  1. Oliver Mair

Consul General

Southern USA, Bahamas, Cayman Islands