Jah Cure Not Scheduled To Perform At Reggae Carifest & Irie Jam

Due to rumours circulating about Jah Cure performing in the United States, Danger Zone Records has put out the following statement:

“It has been brought to our attention that there are reports and advertisements that Jah Cure will perform / make an appearance at Reggae Carifest on Saturday, August 25th and Irie Jam on Sunday, September 2nd. This is false, Jah cure will NOT be performing or making any appearances in the US before Curefest. He has only two (2) booked performances, which are Sundance Music Festival in Holland on August 12 and Curefest in Jamaica set for October 12-14, 2007. We advise all persons who have bought tickets for these shows, for a chance to see Jah Cure, that they have been misled.” – Delmar Drummond, C.E.O. of Danger Zone Records.

“I don’t know anything about me performing at Carifest or Irie Jam. I am going to Holland to get a chance to go in front of a large crowd and prepare myself for Curefest. I want to make sure I’m ready to present myself to my Jamaican fans in October. If anyone wants to see me perform a full length show, they will have to come to Curefest in October” – Jah Cure

Danger Zone Records has asked those involved in the promotions of Reggae Carifest and Irie Jam to refrain from using Jah Cure’s name in their promotions.

Alison Young
Entertainment Publicist
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