Jahmali’s ‘Pleasant Place’ is an Extraordinary Homage to Reggae Music

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International recording artist Jahmali, who has released his first album in 9 years, proves that time nor space can impact his delivery of a groundbreaking body of work. The new 17-track album, “Pleasant Place,” is a testament to Jahmali’s musical diversity as well as a homage to Reggae, the genre that made Jamaica a global music hub.

Jahmali's 'Pleasant Place' is an Extraordinary Homage to Reggae Music1
Jahmali is one of Reggae music’s greatest vocalists, who seamlessly creates empowering music.

The extraordinary “Pleasant Place,” sees Jahmali taking listeners on an unparalleled journey full of captivating music with themes of empowerment, self awareness and spiritual awakening. Jahmali’s impactful vocals perfectly adorn the well curated “Pleasant Place,” which has been buzzin’ since its spring release.

Jahmali's 'Pleasant Place' is an Extraordinary Homage to Reggae Music2
The new “House of My Sojourn” visual is garnering a buzz amongst music lovers.

Garnering praise from diehard Reggae music fans, DJs and radio alike, “Pleasant Place” and a number of its amazing offerings have notably graced a variety of music charts and playlists since its release. Infectious sounds of Roots, Rock and Reggae characterize the delightful album, which is musically and personally invigorating. The beauty of “Pleasant Place” is its diverse track listing, resulting in appeal to wide audiences.

Jahmali's 'Pleasant Place' is an Extraordinary Homage to Reggae Music3
Jahmali is a world class entertainer who’s electrifying stage show is commensurate with his powerful recorded music.

Jahmali enlisted world class musicians from across music genres and top notch producers to join his songwriting and production efforts on “Pleasant Place.” Producers pegged for the album, include Addis Music, Lion Face, Supa Twitch and Jah Youth Sound, among other heavyhitters. The project’s robust sound and seamless fusion of musical styles can be attributed to the diverse contributors. The combination of Jahmali’s distinguished vocals, approach and stellar production easily thrusts “Pleasant Place” into an “Album of the Year” lane.

Already blessing fans with “On Repeat” and “Sekkle Down” ahead of the album release, these gems were buzz generators, which inspired listeners for more. While every song is a bonafide stand out, some fan favorites include, “House of My Sojourn,” “Set Free Yuh Medi,” “Eye-thiopians,” “Empowering,” and “Dancehall Avenger.” There’s truly music for everyone on “Pleasant Place.”

“The key thing I want audiences to take away from ‘Pleasant Place’ is the effect my music has on their entire state of ‘being,’ namely the way it speaks to them. I’m certain that it will,” says Jahmali passionately.

“Pleasant Place” is an example of musical greatness destined to alter the trajectory of Reggae music moving forward. On this extraordinary album, Jahmali bares his soul, proving music with meaning is still achievable.

A prominent voice on the scene since the 90s, many have come and gone since Jahmali’s emergence. Never wavering on his mission, Jahmali reaffirms his deserved and rightful place in the music landscape on this new effort. An undeniable musical force, Jahmali moves listeners from start to finish on the exceptional album.

Pleasant Place – Jahmali
Track Listing

  1. Set Free Yuh Medi

2.House Of My Sojourn
3.Made For A Woman
5.El Shaddai (Jam)
6.Her Pleasant Place
7.Dancehall Avenger
8.On Repeat
9.When Will It Cease
11.Chapter 11 (Ashes N Dust)
13.Superficial Warriors
15.El Shadai (Acoustic)
17.Sekkle Down