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Jahvillabi Releases Dat Way Music Video1

Jahvillabi Releases “Dat Way” Music Video

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Pairing the song with visuals, Samo ‘Kush-I’ Johnson creates a seductive scenic backdrop in Jamaica.  Jahvillani and leading lady Nila are coordinated in green outfits, which represents the heart chakra and the deep emotions that love carries between couples.
Jahvillabi Releases Dat Way Music Video1
Jahvillani is currently touring in the UK with his 1Govament crew and will perform the song for fans as a part of his set.  Connecting with his fan base, The UK has consistently been in his top 3 markets worldwide.

Jahvillani’s rise to popularity began with the release of “Wile Side Government.”  His music has earned more than 115 million views on YouTube and an average of 103K monthly listeners on the streaming giant Spotify.

Check out Jahvillani’s Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Jahvillani

Jahvillabi Releases Dat Way Music Video2

Photo credit:  @djuvii
About Jahvillani:

Jahvillani is one of the most widely recognizable faces in younger-generation Dancehall.  Repping Ocho Rios on the North Coast of Jamaica, the Wile $ide Government Boss has consistently delivered songs that are appealing to ladies balanced by a catalog of songs that depict life in his environment.

Born Dujon Edwards, the artist hails from Ocho Rios, a city that sits in St. Ann, a parish on Jamaica’s northern coast. He graduated Ocho Rios High School where as a student, he started writing verses and became a campus favorite after three energetic performances. Naturally he transitioned to recording and pursuing music full time.

He decided that he would perform under the moniker “Jahvillani,” a name forged through thinking about balance. Says the artist, “The name Jahvillani is a portmanteau, one that was deeply inspired by my views of society. ‘Jah,’ which means God in Rastafarianism, symbolizes the good in society and the good that is hopefully in everyone. While ‘villani’ is a creative twist on villain which speaks to the evil in society. Together it makes Jahvillani: the Wile $ide Gad who makes positive vibes,

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