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Jamaica Ambassador Programs Raises Awareness For Educational Assistance For Community In The Caribbean Of Jamaica, By Promoting Education As A Path To Progress

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As American citizens, it is unimaginable to live in a community without basic amenities such as police and fire stations, doctor’s offices, grocery stores, pharmacy, libraries, community centers, parks, local sports team and most of all, access to free quality education. Unfortunately, there are many children who live in communities without these basic essentials, running happily around and playing as children aught to. These happy children may not even understand that their futures are filled with great challenges due to poverty and a lack of community support which is critical in their preparation for becoming productive, prosperous or independent adults. It would be no surprise to know, that over the years, communities such as these are ravished by crime and poverty as these happy children grow up without the skills needed to become meaningful contributors and now become another generation to be recycled into poverty.

April 30, 2011 Jamaica Ambassador Programs was officially established as a charitable organization that promotes “Education as a Path to Progress” by assisting Individuals, Learning Institutions and Communities in the fight against economic oppression. This will be accomplished through the support of those who are willing and able to donate time, money, resources and services to the targeted community.

Mission: Encourage achievements that lead to economic progress and empowerment through education.

Vision: Contribute to activities which impacts changes for a vibrant and self sufficient community.

Goal: Win the fight against the cycles of poverty and oppression by helping children and communities to attain a progressive lifestyle through academic achievements.

Jamaica Ambassador Programs was conceived in the heart of Eveth Colley in October 2010 and is a now a New Jersey Non Profit 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization. As a result of a visit to her former community, Flower Hill which is approximately 8 miles from the major tourist area of Montego Bay, Jamaica in September 2010; she experienced a great burden for the residents. She had migrated to the United States approximate 30 years ago, and was extremely alarmed at the lack of progress and the economically oppressed picture she saw of that area and the neighboring towns.

Upon her investigation as to the cause of this crisis, the responses made it very clear that a lack of quality education from generation to generation was the key contributor to this sad state of affairs. It was then she accepted a Divine Inspiration to commit to promoting Education as a Path to Progress as a vehicle for activities to fight the cycles of poverty with the ultimate goal to impact the necessary changes for this and other communities to be vibrant and self sufficient communities.

She returned to the community of Flower Hill in March 2011 to communicate hope to the residents through the mission of this organization, to assess the needs and returned back to the United Stated with one hundred and seventy seven students who are financially challenged who were are registered for school supplies. Additionally, she was granted a room in an existing Kindergarten School to begin the Town’s first library and will also provide schools items for that school and a neighboring school.

With the help and support of Barbara Taylor Rosser a retired teacher and the local libraries in Bergen County, over 700 used books were donated to begin the first library in the community of Flower Hill, Jamaica in August 2011. These books have been delivered to the community and the transformation is in motion for the library room to be functional for the children to have free opportunity to expand their minds through reading. During this visit Jamaica Ambassador Programs also did its first distribution of school supplies to 177 students and supplies for two schools.

We are extending the opportunity for you to support this mission. Fundraising efforts is ongoing for school supplies for the 230 students registered for assistance.. Items needed are:


Building blocks

Black or blue ink pens



Coloring books

Drawing books/Sketch Pads



Number 2 pencils

One subject notebooks or composition books

Pocket file folders

August 1-3, 2012 will be the second distribution of school supplies to Flower Hill and to assist in the implementation of the library programs that are designed to promote Education as a Path to Progress.

We quote the words of Marianne Williamson, Author and Speaker, “In every community there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.” So we now offer you the opportunity to join us as we unveil this to you, the general public requesting and inviting your to support by contributing actual school supplies or by making monetary contributions. The ground of need is fertile; the seed you plant will bring forth good fruit and you will be rewarded in knowing you made a positive difference to divert the course of a life from poverty to a progressive pathway to the future through education.

To offer your support and for more information, please contact Eveth Colley (201) 449-2615


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