Jamaica Fire Water

Sprinkled across the island are several mineral springs and baths said to naturally cure all types of ailments from a cold to things more crippling and debilitating. I first learned about Fire Water in Runaway Bay from a Youtube video from Real ThreeStar. He was laying in a pool of water with a small portion ablaze. At first I thought it was just a good photoshop or editing job, but a little research confirmed that what I was seeing was real.

So when I made the trip to the country in St. Ann on New Year’s Day, I decided to check it out for myself…

Since I was heading back for an all day/night family function and didn’t have proper attire, I didn’t get the full massage treatment. Instead splashed copious amounts of water on my face (it tingled a bit), arms and legs and anywhere mosquitoes had feasted. There was this stubborn patch of dry skin on my elbow that got a little extra TLC too. Gong (the guy in the video) heated a wet towel over the flame and wrapped my arm in it for a minute and assured me that it would clear up quickly. And I’ll admit, I took a little sip, couldn’t do the 7 mouth fulls though (maybe next time).

Jamaica Fire Water Runaway Bay St. Ann Jamaica
Jamaica Fire Water, St. Ann, Jamaica

After a million and one questions, a little lounging and my “walk through fire“, we headed back to the party.  I didn’t suffer from the typical ashy, dry or pruny skin that’s the typical result of extended time in a pool, ocean or bathtub. And while I can’t say Fire Water was the cure, the dry patch on my elbow is no longer a problem.

A Few Fire Water Notes

  • The water is safe for humans, but bugs, insects and other life can’t survive. There were no mosquitoes attacking, thank God!
  • The pool is drained after each use and refilled with fresh water (shown in video)
  • There are 24 different minerals found in the water and the sulfur makes it flammable
  • Yes the flames can cover the entire pool if filled up, but I was OK with the little flame. Um, it’s fire and it’s hot.
  • There is no charge for this experience, but definitely leave a nice tip

For more about the history of Fire Water, check out this video or JamaicaFireWater.com.

Have you been Fire Water or another mineral bath in Jamaica? Do you believe in its healing powers?