Jamaica Food and Drink Collaborates with Worthy Park Select to Celebrate National Rum Day with “Kitchen Kulcha” Series Launch

Jamaica Food and Drink, the leading purveyor of authentic Jamaican culinary experiences, is proud to announce an exciting partnership with multi-award-winning and renowned Jamaican rum producers Worthy Park Estate Limited to present a cooking series named “Kitchen Kulcha,” a night of cooking and conversation that brings together guests, entertainers, and musical icons for a unique gastronomy experience like no other.

Jamaica Food and Drink Collaborates with Worthy Park Select to Celebrate National Rum Day with Kitchen Kulcha Series Launch
Kickstarting on Wednesday, August 16, National Rum Day and including three-weekend events after that, guests will have the exclusive opportunity to share the kitchen with some of their favourite Jamaican entertainers across different genres. While we’ve all witnessed their talent in the public sphere, “Kitchen Kulcha” offers a rare chance to delve into their gastronomic prowess and share the joy of preparing exquisite Jamaican dishes alongside these cultural giants alongside JFD Kitchen Chef.

“Kitchen Kulcha” promises an evening of camaraderie, creativity, and connection as the immersive experience perfectly fuses the entertainment and culinary flavours that define Jamaican culinary heritage. Participants will be guided through the step-by-step process of preparing elevated takes on the featured guest’s favourite Jamaican dishes, all while engaging in memorable conversations and expanding their rum education through Worthy Park Estate’s Senior Blender, Craig Nicholson. From sharing culinary tips to swapping stories about their creative journeys, this event bridges the gap between the stage and the kitchen, creating an intimate atmosphere that captures the essence of Jamaica’s rich culture.

The partnership between Jamaica Food and Drink and Worthy Park Select exemplifies the dedication to preserving and celebrating Jamaica’s traditions and innovations. By bringing together the worlds of entertainment and gastronomy, “Kitchen Kulcha” showcases the multifaceted talents of Jamaica’s creatives, fostering a deeper appreciation for the country’s vibrant cultural heritage.

The classes will run three hours, with a fifteen-minute cocktail class with 20 seats available, including a rum-infused dessert.

“We’re proud to celebrate National Rum Day for a month with this cooking and conversation series. Our culture is diverse, and learning how each of our special guests prepares their favourite meal while pairing it with our rum cocktails, will be a one-of-a-kind experience.” shares Tamika West, Worthy Park Estate’s Marketing Manager.

Join us for “Kitchen Kulcha,” a one-of-a-kind event that unites entertainment, food, and culture in a night of culinary magic. Take advantage of this opportunity to cook alongside your favourite musicians and experience the true essence of Jamaica’s culinary and artistic excellence.

Event Details:

Dates: Wednesday, August 16, National Rum Day (closed event)

Saturday, August 19: media personality, Debbie Bissoon

Saturday, August 26: deejay, Brush 1 Chromatic

Saturday, September 9: Reggae artiste Jesse Royal

Time: 6 pm-9 pm

Location: Jamaica Food & Drink Kitchen, Progressive Centre

Ticket Information: visit www.jamaicafoodanddrinkkitchen.com to purchase tickets