Jamaica shows Improvement in Global Corruption Index
Global Perspective on Corruption

The global coalation against corruption released their 2010 report on corruption on October 26, 2010. These folks measure how well 178 countries are faring, given the financial instability that is still roiling the world. Money is the mother’s milk of corruption so this index is used as a means on how effectives countries are doing in eradicating poverty.

Nearly 75% of the countries measured fell below a measurement of 5, where 0 is perceived to be highly corrupt, and 10 , comprising a just outside of Eden situation.

Well, Denmark, New Zealand, and Singapore tied for top honors at 9.3. Unstable goverment expectagly lagged, with Somalia pulling up the rear.

Jamaica scored a 3.3 , showing improvement over its 2009 score! Jamaica ranked 78th. in the world, and 16th. in the Americas. Barbados was 17th. in the world, and came in second in the Americas.
Canada led the Americas, and Venezuela pulled up the rear.

Greece, Italy, and the united Stated showed a decline in scores. Transparency International challenged the G20 countries to model greater accountability, and increase in trust to help in turing back the red ride of corruption.

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What admonition would you have for the leadership of Jamaica to improve our score?