Jamaica Wedding Cake Tips

For a wedding the cake is one of the single most important items that must be perfect. Its is that important. At Helen G Events for brides getting married in Jamaica we have found the following to be true:
1.  A square cake will yield 10 to 30 percent more than a round one. So if you aren’t stuck on having a round cake this could be a viable option for you.
2. You can choose a small display cake or choose a display cake where only the bottom tier is real for cutting  and then serve sheet cakes. This will help keep this cost factor down.
3.  If on a budget you can serve the display cake instead of doing additional sheet cakes and the display cake.
4. If you are on a budget find a vendor that’s willing to work with you to get you to your ideal price point or budget. They must also be open to suggestions.
5. It is also true that some vendors can bake but can’t decorate and vice versa and there are a chosen few that can do both so please please check out your vendor carefully to ensure and tear free wedding day in this regard.
Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!!