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Pro-Jamaican Bronx Soccer League Gets Early Jump On Season

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New York, NY. Monday, January 22, 2007–When the Bronx New York International Soccer League (BNYISL) kick start its 2007 season on May 26, the lone constant could be the venue where all its matches are played, the popular Evander Childs High School stadium at 800 E. Gun Hill Road, in the North Bronx township.

One thing for sure, it will not be business as usual. Not if rookie president Ivor Samuels (Caribbean Nationals SC) and his cadre of freshly minted faces that make up the new look executive committee of the 34 years old league, have their say and have their way.

They might be new to the management ranks of the much maligned, pro-Jamaican league but certainly not to the sport of soccer and the BNYISL in particular. They are old faces in new positions.

And that in itself can be seen as a positive start but it all depends on who you ask.

Since being swept into office in November of 2006 by a majority vote from delegates of the 19 affiliated soccer clubs (sc), the executive council both individually and collectively have been rearing to go, wanting to implement their manifesto, their brand of management on a league that has been languishing in the bushes for far too long despite a talent pool that is second to none in the city.

And that may explain the urgency of the new committee to want to meet this early in the calendar year for the very first time in recent memory, “to address key issues regarding the upcoming season,” noted Colin Hemmings of the Kandia SC and first vice president of the new crew.

The first general council meeting of the BNYISL will take place on Wednesday, January 24 at 7:30 pm., at the World Open Cultural Center at White Plains Road and 218th Street, Bronx, in an area that is regarded as the heart of the predominantly Jamaican working class enclave.

High on the agenda are two items of note. The much anticipated ratification of the amended constitution and a proposal to revamp the current format of the divisional play during the regular season.

“The distinct possibility exists that the bnyisl will separate the teams into (two) divisions based on team strength as a result of last season’s final placings,” noted Samuels, who will attempt to transfer his high octane presence from the sidelines to the boardroom in hopes of transforming the widely held ‘bush league’ image of the bnyisl.

Several other items are expected to make the agenda in the coming weeks, including league funding and financing as well as club structure and organization. 19 clubs is the envy of any league but that too can quickly become a liability when these clubs are operating without a structure.

Any meaningful journey must start with the first step. The new management crew has taken the first step in the right direction. Going forward with the minimum amount of distraction will provide the real test for Samuels and his slate.

Over the past three plus decades, others have with good intentions, bolted from the starting gate like a three year old colt, only to come up wobbly and out of steam quarter ways into the journey.

The league will not do well without sound, unified management. You might have the ingredients but without the right mix, too many cooks will definitely spoil the broth.

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