Jamaica Enhances Its Appeal As A Heritage Destination With The Development Of Devon House

One of Jamaica’s most celebrated national monuments, The Devon House Mansion, reopened yesterday after undergoing extensive renovations and refurbishing. The project, which was supported by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Enhancement Fund, seeks to improve the appeal of the historical landmark and further attract visitors who are intrigued by Kingston’s cultural flair. Devon House, built in 1881, was the architectural dream of Jamaica’s first black millionaire George Stiebel.

“The redevelopment of The Devon House Mansion was a critical step in preserving this significant piece of the island’s history.  We are pleased with the transformation of the property and proud that this monument still stands as a chief relic of Kingston’s vibrant culture,” said John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “Visitors who want to experience Kingston, the island’s entertainment and cultural capital, will enjoy touring the magnificent mansion and embracing the rich heritage embedded in the legacy of the property.”

Infrastructural developments to the Devon House property totaled just over JM$80 million (US$940,000) and included renovations made to the interiors and exteriors of the mansion, landscaping works, improvements to the on-site restaurants, shops, kids area, general roadways and parking areas.

Devon House remains the only historical site in Jamaica to offer visitors a heritage tour of the mansion, shopping experience in its courtyard and dining options available throughout the day and into the evening.