“Jamaica Farewell” Encore performances in New York September 7 – 10th 2007

Jamaica, Farewell has been called an uproarious tour de force. It is a one-person show unlike any other. Debra Ehrhardt is a captivating story-teller who, after each performance convinces an audience they have just seen a play with a full cast! It is set against the political upheaval in Jamaica in the 70’s and is based on Debra Ehrhardt’s true-life story. Jamaica, Farewell will take you on an unforgettable journey escaping poverty, revolution, prison time, rape and death in an island paradise brought to the brink of ruin by violent revolution. With the odds stacked against her, she pulls off a daring dangerous caper with the unwitting help of an American CIA agent in order to fulfill her lifelong dream– starting over in America. It’s a story that will keep reverberating in your mind, one that will both inspire and entertain you. But don’t take our word for it, read below what the reviewers had to say! – myspace.com/jamaicafarewell

Written and performed by directed by Debra Ehrhardt

Directed By Monique Lai

15 Vandam Street, New York, 10013 (Subway C or E to Spring Street)
Tickets: $18, (212) 691-1555, www.sohoplayhouse.com

Friday SEP 7 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Saturday SEP 8 10:00pm – 11:30pm
Sunday SEP 9 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Monday SEP 10 9:30pm – 11:00pm


JAMAICA, FAREWELL is a delightful, suspenseful well-written play – New York Beacon

Ehrhardt’s charming and cheeky account of growing up in Jamaica is by turn funny and tender, until it suddenly becomes the Bourne Ultimatum. – Nytheatre.com




A terrific story with wit and panache … suspenseful enough for a thriller and deliciously funny. – LA WEEKLY

Not since Nia Vardalos’ MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING has there been such a captivating and hilarious one-person show as JAMAICA, FAREWELL. – www.livelyarts.com

Humorous … Intriguing … lively and colorful … a truly pleasurable experience. -BROADWAYWORLD.COM

Ranging from comedic to heartbreaking to utterly unbelievable, a joy to watch. -UCLA BRUIN

Entertaining, funny, wonderfully told tale … enough humor to melt even the Minutemen patrolling our border. -BEVERLY HILLS OUTLOOK

A TOUR DE FORCE … Ehrhardt’s inspired performance makes you laugh and cry and applaud the persistence of the human spirit … an unforgettable journey, crafted with wit and empathy. -BLOG CRITIC

A gripping, suspenseful, and hilarious odyssey … Debra Ehrhardt is a terrific story-teller … engrossing, entertaining, and amusing … – REVIEWPLAYS.COM

Filled with humor, emotion, and gripping suspense … Highly entertaining and poignant … A crackerjack storyteller. -TOLUCAN TIMES

A plot driven, fascinating story full of twist and turns, … Hilarious … a true coming-to-America story … Ehrhardt rivets the audience … -VALLEY SCENE MAGAZINE

The writing, and her performance of it, is riveting … I’ll never forget some of it . -LEEWOCHNER.COM

Capture a piece of the American Dream … saucy, spicy and flighty as Jamaican jerk wings. -BURBANK TIMES


When a one-woman show makes you feel like you saw a fully-cast play, you know you’ve just witnessed a fabulous actor at work … an extremely talented performer…not to be missed. -BUZZINE MAGAZINE

Debra’s performance is stunning and evocative as she weaves a journey of love, whimsy and intrigue. She tugs at your heartstrings in her determination to win, and with grace. -ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED PRODUCER, KAROLYN ALI

Enthused with the madcap humor and deep emotions of the Jamaican spirit, this riveting tale reminds us of the power of personal storytelling. –DIRECTOR, “CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER,” “QUIET AMERICAN,” PHILLP NOYCE

Debra takes off the gloves and wraps her elegant hands around the American dream the way it used to be. With her http://mail.google.com/mail/ sultry voice and physical beauty, it’s a fast-paced twelve round knockout that leaves you chuckling and dewy-eyed at the same time. Here’s one Jamaican joy that reminds us of how we used to be for most immigrants; ‘America The Beautiful’. –PRODUCER, NEWS ANCHOR, BREE WALKER

A brilliant evening’s entertainment … Debra Ehrhardt held the audience spellbound for one and a half hours without a hitch … Some serious talents involved here. -DIRECTOR, “HARDER THEY COME,” PERRY HENZELL

This isn’t exactly a sleepy night at your average subscription theatre … The evening’s real pleasure is simply Ehrhardt herself, a winning set of contradictions: she can tilt her gorgeous cheekbones skyward with hauteur and then take pratfalls when her American dream hits the skids. She’s got it going on, living every day like Independence Day. -LA TIMES