Jamaican Anti Rape Campaign (young male actors a mek dem presence felt)

I don’t know who put this together.

But I’m glad somebody did

A group of young male Jamaican actors talking up about rape.


Some disturbing facts- two women raped per day last year…though if you read the newspapers we’re not far behind that this year.

What can we do to stop it?

They say real men don’t rape. and it’s true. but until we stop equating man with power

man with dominance

man with control

and woman with weakness

men who have no’power’ anywhere else will continue to see women as easy targets to prove they are powerful

cyaan tek down a man? rape him sister. caw di man may stronger dan yu but di sister weak

and on and on it goes

we always call on women to stop rape. wear pants, stop wear short clothes. stop walk a road a night and go party. stop go a man house.

so wah woman mus inna cage? woman nuh entitled to space? or entertainment? or fi visit people yard?

why dem nuh tell di man dem say no matter what a woman wear no mean no. no matter how dark a night no mean no. or better yet (because when a man draw yu weh inna di bush yu nuh even get fi say no)….just tell di man dem don’t rape.

very few people tell men to not rape. they preach prevention to women when what they need to preach is change, to the men. and tell them to sort out their heads and deal wid dem issues and stop feeling woman is a way to feel powerful.

we are not here to make you feel powerful by controlling us.

rape is not about sex. its a bout control.

when people preach this foolishness dat oh, men can’t control themselves when them get horny and thats why dem rape, so mek sure yu nuh start nuttn wid di man if yu nuh plan fi finish it…is foolishness dat…and yu a pre-blame di victim fi di crime.

what happens is the man feels slighted that the woman would start something with him…(even dancing too close  some men is taken as ‘starting something’) then she  takes his power by changing her mind (all the time never asking if what she had in mind was just a dance)

he had a plan and now she’s thwarting it. woman nuh supposed to change man plan! she bright! yow da gyal yah enuh. me a go show har who a man enuh. she cyaan a ramp wid man so!

he rapes her to teach her a lesson.

not because he’s so horny he couldn’t help himself.

These young men are putting the emphasis where it needs to be. and I appreciate it.

Big up yuselves! Artists for change.