Jamaican Blues

Photo credit: Yves Alarie

I dream sitting on the bluest mountain

the bluest sky with eyes open just you & I.

I pray standing, kneeling to eradicate

the vicious lies as tears flow from the corner of my eyes.

My heart breaks from loss after loss and  your absence

I once loved has me singing my Jamaican Blues.

Even though our meeting seems  like an illusion – a naughty lie

has me thinking Jamaica & wondering “Why?”

I dream sitting amongst Great Queens & Kings, just you & I.

Listening to conscious songs, soft & upbeat sounds

as if we were in Paradise.

The broken melody of my heart wants to see you,

know more about you, my Jamaican Blues.

Even when I am not ready to love you:

I dream big, Great King, for our lives.

I close my eyes and vision us dancing

like royal peacocks & beautiful butterflies

to mystical tunes, carib steel & the kettle drum:

*Lively up yourself and don’t be a drag,

I hear him say, my Jamaican Blues.

Have ‘Mi’  laughing with a great big smile

and just maybe, maybe the song we dance to

will bring happy tears from our eyes.

And I will remember to“Guard this Wildflower heart,”

just in case we get lost, in the moment of our grand time.

‘Cause me know my Jamaican Blues soon & very soon

It will be just you and I.

Empress Journee

*Inspired by: Robert Nesta Marley