Jamaican Born Entrepreneur Leverages Technology to Aid Retailers

Jamaican born entrepreneur and current New York resident, Marlon Davis, COO of Reddie Technology Group (formerly Studio HMG Advertising), has forged a path to the solutions he believes will help businesses thrive in the wake of our new normal. The outcome of the pandemic has been unscripted to say the least and it has left many businesses grappling to find the way forward. To help allay the burden to the retailer, the Calabar High School alum and ex Digicel Marketing Exec, has partnered with Ascentium Capital, to offer qualifying retailers a variety of payment options to assist them in acquiring digital signage solutions to grow their business. The move is geared towards helping entrepreneurs gain greater visibility, awareness and brand equity and increase customer inflows as they welcome old and new customers back in-store in these difficult times.

Jamaican Born Entrepreneur Leverages Technology to Aid Retailers
Marlon Davis, COO of Reddie Technology

“It is encouraging to see signs of life returning to our economy and as an entrepreneur myself, I understand more than most, the disappointment associated with having to lock shop permanently. Some people were able to find and leverage opportunities that accompanied the pandemic, but for others, they weren’t as fortunate,” quipped the former Kingston native. Reddie Technology has a full suite of products that have been revolutionary in helping businesses to safely re-open, stimulate engagement, attract new customers and adjust to the ever-changing post-pandemic business landscape.”

“Our offerings are intended to make businesses more efficient and they all serve one main purpose. That is, to get brands noticed and increase footfall since the downturn and the visits to brick and mortar stores have slowed. By incorporating digital signage solutions into their overall marketing efforts, brands can optimize the benefits of enhanced positioning. It can also help to make the customer experience more meaningful as digitally displayed content can be formatted to assist with wayfinding, reinforce safety or social distancing protocols, communicate instore specials or deals or, they may even be used to heighten connection and retention by telling the brand’s story to an engaged audience. We are of the belief that we have the solutions that businesses need to help them to become up and running in the shortest time possible and as such, are open to partnering with re-sellers and integrators,” Mr. Davis concluded.

It goes without saying that once we move closer to normalcy, technology will be integral in heralding the way forward. As such, Reddie Technology is poised to help businesses that want to elevate their presence in the marketplace and standout from the competition as they welcome shoppers back in-store.