Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States State Of Affairs

With the waning of the recent euphoria of the celebrations of our 50th year of independence and our world class successes in the athletic arena, I come forward to update you on the State of the Jamaican Diaspora affairs!

The elected Diaspora members and the appointed council members have been meeting on a monthly basis, and so far have advanced several old and new initiatives.

  1. As a 501(3)C (non-profit) establishment, all three USA regions (North East, Mid-West and the South) operates under the same mandate.  Though one entity, each region has an account associated with the Mid West.  We are working on an overall financial strategy for all three regions.
  2. The team continues to work at shaping the organization’s by-laws.  These we hope to have adopted at the Jamaica Diaspora National Conference in Los Angeles, November 9-11, 2012. The bylaws will not be ratified and/or implemented until the General Conference in June 2013.  Until then all regions are advised by the Diaspora Board to continue to operate in the manner that currently best befits each region.
  3. As part Jamaica’s Health Sector drive to replace blood pressure measuring devices (sphygmomanometers) in every hospital and clinic in Jamaica – our region, the Southern USA is responsible for the parishes of St. Mary and Portland, to the tune of $10,000.  Friends that is 10,000 people donating one dollar each – yes we can!!!! We are seeking your donations to help control the high death rate in Jamaica due to hypertension.
  4. As a legacy project – the Jamaica Diaspora – Southern USA, will partner with Food for the Poor to build and sustain a basic school in St Mary, Jamaica – the parish with the greatest need.  For this $50,000 project, and with the community help, we plan to raise the funds to be able to break ground on National Diaspora Day June 2013.
  5. So far, the team has endorsed, supported and attended several community functions, in the local area.  It is our aim to reach out to as many Jamaican communities in our region as possible, to meet the people, businesses and organizations in an effort to bring about better awareness of the Diaspora Council – its purpose and mission. We need the support of the community to make these outreach efforts a reality.  I have already journeyed to Orlando and Atlanta and met with communities and organizations who exhibit their country’s pride in various ways including doing amazing work here and back home.  We applaud these efforts and seek to support and partner with these programs.
  6. Lastly, but probably most importantly, at the request of those present at our March 2012 summit, we are still orchestrating the structure of a membership program.  Though we ALL make up the Diaspora, there are individuals who want to pay a fee for the privilege of being able to vote on issues.  This initiative will allow the council to generate well needed funds to assist with its administrative and operational costs.

We continue to mobilize the community, meet with, and support the initiatives of local organizations and individuals alike.

Please remember that this organization exists to partner with all existing established Jamaican organizations in the Southern USA to foster the improvement and welfare of all people of Jamaican ancestry living in the region and at home.  We are able to liaise with all local Jamaican organizations as well as the Jamaican Government and the people of Jamaica. In other words, we have the capability to work to remove Governmental road blocks, to foster projects and initiatives that are of benefit at home and abroad. In addition, we also have access to market surveys to identify specific needs of our people at home, which can be used to make informed recommendations to organizations, as you plan your missions.

‘Diaspora a WE’….and we ask that you reach out to us as we seek to reach out to you.

Please join us for our next General Meeting on:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

11am -2pm

Holy Family Episcopal Church

18501 NW 7th Ave

Miami Gardens, FL 33169