Jamaican in China endorses Atomic Jamaican-style “Roots” health drink!

Well, it’s not really an endorsement in the way a celebrity might endorse a product. It’s more simply a business partnership. A long-time friend in Miami owns a company called Bloodfiyah! Juices. We’ve just recently collaborated to make a special kind of Jamaican health drink available to the wider world.

You see, one of the benefits of being Jamaican is the exposure one gets to natural ways of living and strategies for maintaining health and longevity that many people in westernized cultures simply aren’t privy to. We grow up drinking and using tonics and teas from barks and weeds that have legendary effects on specific ailments, overall health and wellbeing, male virility, and youthful vigor and stamina. Ask a Jamaican about Irish Moss (a seaweed used to make a drink called “Put it Back”), or about Wood Root Tonic and get ready for a lesson in natural health!

Whenever I’m in New York, I always stop into one of my favorite Jamaican stores in Brooklyn, Queens or The Bronx, and pick up some of these juices and herbs. (Wow, that DOES sound like a typical endorsement claim, but it’s actually true!) One of the things I like about these juices is that they are natural and raw. In other words, they are NOT pasteurized. Now, despite what you’ve been led to believe, pasteurization is not “better” for you. Pasteurization is simply boiling. Boiling, as with any type of cooking of a raw food destroys the living, natural enzymes in the food and makes it LESS beneficial to the body. Raw, fermented juices are better.

So, when my friend Heru, who owns Bloodfiyah! Juices approached me with news of his recent collaboration with Atomic Juices, I was willing and eager to lend my internet marketing expertise to their efforts. I have certain criteria for what sorts of products I support, and this was the type of product I could feel comfortable getting behind with my support. So, we launched AtomicRoots.com just a few days ago. And just to show you how popular such drinks are, within 72 hours of launching the site, we received our first sale with absolutely no promotion or publicity! Many people in other parts of the country aren’t as blessed with retail outlets as in New York.

So, if you want to discover one of the secrets that make Jamaicans stand out from the crowd, check out AtomicRoots.com, and order a case of 12 bottles. (Retail outlets can also order by the pallet of 50 cases). There are 4 different flavors: Original, Aloe Vera, Mauby and Ginseng.

As mentioned on the label of the Original flavor of the Atomic Roots drink, “Wood Roots” is a name given to a combination of Jamaican herbs: Chaney Root, Chew Stick, Man Back, Strong Back, All Man Strength and Sarsaperilla just to name a few. It’s reputed to “Strengthen the weak.”

Drink Ingredients: Purified and Filtered Water, Corn Syrup, Chainey Root, Strong Back, Man Back, Blood wisp, Nerve Wisp, All Man Strength, Sarsaparilla, Chew Stick, Bee pollen, cloves.