Jamaican Author Jennifer Lumley Releases 3 CD Set Of “A Treasury Of Prayers”

Jennifer Lumley makes available prayers for ‘Gratitude’, ‘Situations’ and ‘Comfort’ in CD format. Her creation stems from her spiritual growth and development over the years and comes partly as a result of an immeasurable number of breakthroughs she has personally experienced after prayers through some dark and difficult moments. The other part comes from the global obstacles and crises in the lives of others as is broadcast on an everyday basis.

The essence of the prayers is carefully crafted and documented to address unique, individual and specific issues that are joyous, sensitive in nature and sometimes even uncomfortable.

The 3 CD set of “A Treasury of Prayers” was released March 20, 2012, first day of spring and is available for US$7.99 each (Set of 3 for US$20.00) plus shipping and handling.