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Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States E-Bulletin – Merry Christmas – Happy New Year 2007

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Dear Fellow Jamaicans-Friends of Jamaica,

Thanks be to God, we have almost made it through another year. We are blessed. We have survived the passing of the impact of Hurricane Dean. We witnessed the strength of our democracy in the safe transition of a new government. We celebrated countless number of alumni dances and sporting events. We produced tens of charitable and medical missions to Jamaica. We embarked on a renewed sense of communication among each other throughout the Diaspora. However, we are simply scratching the surface of our maturing potential as a community.

In 2008, I am asking that you dedicate the year to a spirit of “recommitment”. For too long, we have waited on the sidelines for others to define who we wish to be as Jamaicans being part of a greater whole. For too long, we practice verandah activism and retain our talents and resources in an insular manner. For too long, we do not search for more meaningful opportunities for collaboration and leveraging our resources throughout our respective communities. The call for recommitment is for EACH Jamaican or person of Jamaican descent to renew their commitment to your place of worship, your alumni association, your sporting or cultural group, your business organization, your community as a whole, in a manner that evokes the passion and spirit of the Jamaica. WE ARE JAMAICA. We are bold, innovative, passionate, and entrepreneurial. It is time to claim the purpose and value of your “I” in your respective community and for the good of Jamaica. YOU ARE JAMAICA. I AM JAMAICA.

Likewise, be sure to participate and support other activities outside your own immediate community or interest. Remember, one hand washes the other. We do not exist or co-exist by ourselves.
This emotional connection to being Jamaican must be translated into a personal call to action. We have run out of excuses for any ills or challenges in Jamaica and even in our local community. We cannot afford to downplay the energetic voice of each Jamaican. We must inspire ourselves to being greater than we have been blessed with from the hands of our God. It is time.
As you celebrate with family and friends this Christmas and for the remainder of the holidays, please remember those in our community who are in need of the small things: a phone call, a hug, a full meal, a prayer, a personal visit, a walk in the park, filling a prescription, and even a smile.

God’s blessings to you for the season,
Marlon A. Hill, Esq.
Advisory Board Member
Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States
786-349-2584; 876-621-0102 (Jamaica) ● Facsimile: 786-551-0785
[email protected]

Regional Reps
Andy Adams (TX, NM, AZ)
Janeth Simpson-Brown (TN, OK, AK)
Alan Alberga/Jason Walker (GA)
Wayne Golding (North/Central FL)
Junior Farquharson (Palm Beaches/Treasure Coast, FL)
Dale Holness (Broward County)
Jennifer Hue/Salomie Chung (Miami-Dade County)

Unleashing the Potential

The Mission of the Jamaican Diaspora Southern US is to unite and galvanize all Jamaicans and Jamaican organizations, their talents, resources, and potential throughout the Southern United States for the benefit of their local communities and the future development and support of Jamaica

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