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Jamaican Community Invited To Ethiopian Millennium Celebration – September 15, 2007, Ottawa, Canada

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Jamaican community is invited for Ethiopian millennium celebration party on September 15, 2007 at Bronson Center, Ottawa starting from 4:00PM to midnight.

Celebrate Ethiopia’s journey of 2000 Years with love and unity Ethiopian Community Association in Ottawa, Canada Aug 20, 2007. On several occasions Ethiopia’s prominence reached its climax. It inspired the world as a pioneer of early civilization. The discovery of the first humanoid “Lucy” speaks volumes that Ethiopia is the cradle of mankind. Like others its good and bad days have come and gone.

Despite all odds Ethiopia has survived two thousands years. Today Ethiopians are on the eve starting a new journey to the 3rd millennium. The Ethiopian Community Association in Ottawa (ECAO) in collaboration with Ethiopian civic organizations and community groups are organizing a celebration to mark this once in a lifetime yet historic event. The millennium celebration organizing committee of ECAO has approached various individuals, local and national government officials, and friends of Ethiopia to join the event.

ECAO requests the residents of the city of Ottawa and Montreal to join the Ethiopian community in celebrating this historic occasion on September 15, 2007 at the Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa. It is a celebration that will be glorified with cultural shows, music and art festivals, social activities, traditional food and drinks.

On this day Ethiopians of all religions and ethnic backgrounds will join hands to demand that the new millennium be one where human rights violations against our people will not be tolerated, where love, tolerance and reconciliation will prevail. It would be an occasion where each one of us pledges for Ethiopia in the new millennium. We will make this celebration an event to express our hope and promise to create a renovated Ethiopia where democracy, good governance, and rule of law would be the benchmark for Ethiopia’s future development. The organizing committee requests your earnest participation to make the millennium celebration memorable.

We call on all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia in Ottawa and Montreal to come together and reflect to our past where we as a nation and people have traversed for 1000 years. On this date, together, we herald the beginning of a new journey of 1000 years with hope and optimism for Ethiopia’s progress. Let us celebrate this great historic moment by joining hands with love, unity, understanding and reconciliation in the political heartland of Canada, Ottawa. Contact Ethiopian Community Association in Ottawa 1364 Richmond Road, 2nd Floor Ottawa, ON K2B 6G7

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