Jamaicans in the Diaspora Join the Call for MP to Resign

We, members of the Jamaican Diaspora listed below, wish to add our voices to the individuals and organizations in Jamaica that are calling for more transparency, accountability and stronger sanctions in the disturbing matters surrounding Member of Parliament, of Central Westmoreland, George Wright.

Jamaicans in the Diaspora Join the Call for MP to Resign
Although we live overseas, our hearts and souls are with our family, our friends and our loved ones in Jamaica. We are, therefore, deeply saddened to hear about worsening incidents of gender-based violence as well as violence against children, especially young girls. We are especially troubled by allegations against Member of Parliament George Wright surrounding the video of a man beating a woman. Significantly, we are very disappointed that Mr. Wright to the best of our knowledge, has not shared any information regarding this video with the General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), his constituents or the public at large. His silence on this matter of national and international significance is unacceptable!

It is imperative that our leaders are transparent, accountable and display the highest standards of morality, especially in a context of extremely high levels of crime and violence. Recent reports that Jamaica has the highest murder rate in Latin America and the Caribbean (46.5 per 100,000 people) in 2020 is alarming!!! This is a deterrent for many in the Diaspora who want to invest or return to their beloved homeland. This incident will only worsen existing fears and concerns, especially among women, and will discourage many philanthropic efforts that can support Jamaicans in need, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Hence, at this time, when violence seems to have become woven into the very fabric of our nation, the voices of the Diaspora on moral and governance issues such as this one must join those of our fellow Jamaicans in strong protest over this recent incident. We, therefore, join the call for Mr. Wright to resign as a Member of Parliament, as well as from the Jamaica Labour Party, with immediate effect.   Jamaica needs all of us to erase the stains on our beloved brand. We encourage fellow Jamaicans at home and abroad to show their support by adding their names to this petition. https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/jamaican-diaspora-join-the-call-for-mp-to-resignaction-against-gender-based-violence.html


1.      Professor Grethel Bradford: [email protected]

2.      Shirnett Bailey: [email protected]

3.      Donna Morton:  President Women of Culture, INC  [email protected]

4.      Gary Hamilton: DTR Foundation [email protected]

5.      Larkland Morley: [email protected]

6.      Rukie Wilson: [email protected]

7.      Michael Gregory: [email protected]

8.      Rosemary Francis-Binder: Rosemarie.Francis-Binder@hs-aalen.de

9.      Michael W. Campbell: [email protected]

10.   Lavern Kitson:  [email protected]

11.   Cecil Reid: [email protected]

12.   Michelle Tingling: [email protected]

13.   Nicole Pitter-Patterson: [email protected]

14.   Professor Donovan Robertson: [email protected]

15.   Stephen Snider: [email protected]

16.   Paul Rowe: [email protected]

17.   Ava Bell: [email protected]

18.   Doreen Hyde: [email protected]

19.   Asha H. Smith: [email protected]

20.   Kenya Hutton: [email protected]

21.   Dionne Hayes: [email protected]

22.   Fayana Willie: [email protected]

23.   Maxine Wright: MWright1@adventisthealthcare.com

24.   Mishka Parkins: [email protected]

25.   Pamela Graham: [email protected]

26.   Nadine Singh: [email protected]

27.   Violet Duncan: [email protected]

28.   Lenore Kennedy: [email protected]

29.   Vaughn Pryce: [email protected]

30.   Tieese Wilson: [email protected]

31.   Philip Graham: [email protected]

32.   Angela Beeson: involuntaryreturnedmecca@gmail.com

33.   Elizabeth Blake: [email protected]

34.   Myron Edwards: [email protected]

35.   Winsome Dyer-Anthony: [email protected]

36.   Richard Anthony: [email protected]

37.   Patricia Johnson: [email protected]

38.   Hugh Dyer: [email protected]

39.   Marcia Hayle: [email protected]

40.   Alistair Scott: [email protected]

41.   Athea Blake: [email protected]

42.   Marlene Henry, [email protected]

43.    Joni Earle, [email protected]

44.    Cheryl Bell Henry, [email protected]

45.    Peter Shaw: [email protected]

46.   Pansey Swaby: [email protected]

47.   Jade Dyer: [email protected]

48.   Arlene Marr: [email protected]

49.   Adie Hammond: [email protected]

50.   Sharna Jobson, [email protected]

51.    Arthur Phidd [email protected]