Jamaicans.com Wins Two Website Awards

Jamaicans.com, the popular Jamaican website won two top awards, ‘Best Caribbean Site’ and ‘Best Local/Community Site – International’ hosted by Black Web Awards (BWA), last Tuesday. Winners in each category were selected after 118,000+ votes were tabulated from more than 500 websites vying for the number one spot in over 100 categories.

Launching its first online awards, BlackWebAwards.com, created this space to ‘celebrate and recognize African, African American and Caribbean excellence online.’ Awarding Jamaicans.com whose renowned success is closely linked to their staff’s commitment to excellence in online community service, is quite befitting.

Founder and owner, Xavier Murphy who is based in Florida, celebrates his eleventh year of unwavering service, was ecstatic upon hearing the news. “I am honored that we have won these two top awards, especially this being the first awards for BWA.”

Murphy, who is very passionate about giving back to Jamaica, does this by providing a wealth of information on the travel and vacation opportunities for visitors to the island. The site also carries current topical issues that affect Jamaicans at home and abroad, i.e. immigration, acknowledging successful Jamaicans around the world and overseas Jamaican cities guides.

This year, the famed website was also rated by Alexa.com, a web search site owned by Amazon.com as #4 on ‘The Most Visited Sites in all Jamaica categories’ list. The Jamaican Gleaner, Jamaica Observer, radioJamaica.com and Top 5 Jamaica share in the 5 top honors, respectively. Awarded by the websites’ growing audience further indicates Jamaicans.com significance, especially among newly formed websites that feverishly attempt to imitate and duplicate.

“These awards recognize our passion for what we do and who we do it for,” continued Murphy. However, Murphy is quick to indicate that the website also carries information on fellow Caribbean neighbors.

“Our aim at Jamaicans.com is to celebrate the accomplishments of Jamaicans and fellow people of the Caribbean, while remaining unique.”

Jamaicans.com is the premiere online source for all things Jamaican. Launched in December 1995, the website has won numerous awards, special recognitions and was voted as the Number 1 Web Site on Jamaica . (Source: www.top5jamaica.com ). The success of Jamaicans.com can be attributed to the determination of its founder and moderating staff to ensure that it remains an informative, fun, clean, place to learn about Jamaica and to interact with others in a respectful setting. The site provides a Bulletin Board community for Jamaicans and Jamaican lovers residing all around the world where they exchange stories, anecdotes, grouses, recipes, and discuss their travel plans. With over 20,000 registered users Jamaicans.com has become a mainstay of the online community with its goal being to perpetuate a world of friendships and dialogue through this shared love for Jamaica , and to actively participate in productive ways towards a better Jamaica .