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Called to the Kingdom Launches Jamaican Prayer Walk – Dec. 1 – 31, 2006

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Christian Newswire, 11/1/06 – Called to the Kingdom International has been traveling the length and breadth of Jamaica to fulfill its mandate and mission, helping governments fight crime through prayer fasting and social intervention.

Carone Gordon, founder of Called to the Kingdom International issues the following statement:

“We will for the month of December be launching a prayer walk across the length and breadth of our island which is 150 miles long and 50 miles wide. We have a population of approximately 2.7 m people. We will encourage Christians across the island to prayer walk a mile a day morning and or evening.

On the 31st of December we will take the watch night service to the streets with the theme for this month long event, “WOE IS ME”. It will be held at the Mandela Park in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

We will also encourage churches island wide to take their watch night service to the streets, as well as to participate in the march on the 1st of January 2007.

On the 1st of January we will conclude the prayer walk, walking to the House Of Parliament where we will pray for our leaders and the future of our country. We have invited our Prime Minister and leader of opposition to close this leg of the prayer walk with us. We are still awaiting a response.

We invite you to join with us in this effort as we well understand the power of networking. We are working hard to collaborate this effort with the Jamaican Diaspora. We are hoping through the assistance of media and Christian publications and newspapers to be able to effectively reach the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada, The United States of America, England and the Caribbean.

We also hope, that with the assistance of Christian publications, newspapers and media houses, to encourage Christians worldwide to join us in prayer and fasting throughout the month of December for a successful 2007 for our country. We believe in the sure WORD of GOD.

For too long, Jamaica has been suffering from crime and violence which has crippled our economy. As a result of the crime and poor economic conditions many have migrated. The problem of “barrel children” has arisen as a result of migration of Jamaicans who send back food and clothing for their children, some of which are left with little or no supervision. The murder of children was on the increase in 2005, the future of our country now being the target of criminals.

While the murder rate has shown a decrease, during 2005 the murder total was approximately two thousand, we will not and must not be satisfied until we see a reduction to a rate that is similar to our Caribbean counterparts. CTTK will continue the route of prayer and fasting as well as to intervene through social programs.

Jamaica is at a very critical time as we are faced with upcoming elections, whoever the future Prime Minister will be has a responsibility of taking the country forward. The economy needs to experience significant growth. Many of our youngsters are frustrated because of the lack of opportunities in our country. There is much to be desired for the citizens of Jamaica.

We are fighting for a change and we are aware that we will need the help of others. We are asking that individuals and organizations alike join us and assist us in reaching the Jamaican community overseas.

Please contact us as we continue this movement in the master’s service. Thanks in advance.”

Called to the Kingdom International, 804 Barrant Drive, Albion Estate, Yallahs, St. Thomas Jamaica.

Tel: (876) 934-1300, (876) 842-7662

Website: www.calledtothekingdom.faithweb.com.

Email: [email protected].

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