Jamaica’s 50th Independence Children Jamboree, August 4, 2012, Florida

Saturday August 4, 2012

10AM to 8PM

315 South 62 Avenue, Hollywood, Florida 33023


Completely children centered, focused on looking forward to the next generation and getting children fully engaged in the celebration


In examining events in south Florida for Jamaica 50, Pat Montague, President of Princess PM Productions and radio host on WAVS1170 AM, noted that a significant number of events for Jamaica’s 50th Independence celebration are focused around general or adult centered events without specific and complete attention to children.      


Jamaica’s 50th Independence Children’s Jamboree has the official endorsement of The Jamaica 50th Secretariat. It is an completely children oriented event, dedicated to looking forward to the next generation and getting children fully engaged in the celebration.


The free event includes activities that are designed specifically for children and the family to create a sense of excitement and pride in the celebration of Jamaica’s Independence in children with diaspora connections. Attendees will be encouraged to wear the Jamaican colors to engender the spirit of Jamaican and pride in our heritage.


The theme will be children friendly and designed around Jamaica’s Independence Celebration. For example, face painters will be using the colors of the Jamaican flag, story hour will be Anansi, Duppy and other Jamaican folklore. Noted DJ, Janice the Empress will be playing the past and present Jamaica Independence songs and other Jamaican music highlighting our musical culture.


Negril on the Green is a unique venue for this event, it is a former 3 Par 19 hole golf course situated on 5 acres of land in the city of Hollywood. Only 3 minutes off the Florida Turnpike and 441. The event will be spread over the five acres      


Paul Campbell a Jamaican actor best known for starring in films such as Dancehall Queen, Third World Cop (Capone) and Shottas (Madmax), will be reading Anansi stories.      


Also appearing will be Malachi Smith. The son of a preacher, Malachi began writing poetry at the age of eight, and recorded his first poem Kimbo to Kimbo in 1979. His other CDs are Blacker the Berry – The Sweeter The Cherry, Throw Two Punch, Middle Passage and Luv Dub Fever and Hail to Jamaica.


Activities planned for the Children’s Jamboree include : ·      

Anansi story hour/Paul Campbell ·      

Bounce house ·      

Cotton candy ·      

Pop Corn ·      

Animal farm ·      

Snow Cone ·      

Book reading/Poetry – Caribbean children authors  ·      

Duppy stories ·      

Body Nation Dance Theater ·      

Appearance by Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant winners ·      

Face painting using Jamaican colors      ·      

Jonkanoo/Clonmel Cultural Group ·      

Ring Games/Clonmel Cultural Group ·      

Cultural Dances/Clonmel Cultural Group ·      

Malachi Smith ·      

Jamaican Consulate Independence winners ·      

Display of Jamaican artifacts ·      

Tribute to Jamaican athletes display


All the activities are free.


The event is sponsored by Grace Foods, Western Union, Caribbean Ocean Logistics, Dr. Wayne Fraser, Ramil Pharmacy and Dennis Shipping.