Jamaica’s Bold Bailout Program

 This choice  used to be a slam dunk for the average person.


But the financial and geographic winter that has gripped the globe and frozen many brain cells into a state of despair. The Jamaican Tourist Board had decided to do something about this and provide a stimulus program to jolt the world back to vibrant living.

Imagine being a commuter , feeling emotional, and physically like the abdominal snowman suffering from the double barrel assault of the weather and economic worry.  A treat is now being redefined as a McDonald’s  cup of coffee. Just how much  further bruising  can one’s psyche  take?

Then there it is, an oasis for sore eyes, the poster declaring

Jamaica’s Winter Rescue Program


Located in the main atrium and throughout the remaining floors of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the new campaign comprises ceiling banners, large floor mats and large scale posters.

“Many consumers are looking for relief during our current challenging economic situation. We want to spread the message that Jamaica offers travelers both accessibility and value for a winter getaway,” said John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism.

Jamaica Winter Rescue Events

Events will take place in the following cities:

New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal – January  13, 20, 27 and February 3

 Boston’s South Street Station –  January 13

Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station –   January 15 

Chicago’s Union Station –  January 15

The events will feature Jamaican music, food and drink, and special giveaway items, along with a chance to win a trip to Jamaica.

Jamaica Winter Rescue Taxicab Promotions

In New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago keep your eyes out for special taxicab tops that will feature Jamaican advertisements.

In addition, the Jamaica Tourist Board has teamed up with radio stations in each city to offer a special Jamaica Winter Rescue Promotion where listeners can notify the station when and where they spot a Jamaican taxi, and enter to win a trip to Jamaica.

The participating radio stations are:

New York – WLTW-FM and WWPR-FM

Philadelphia – WISX-FM

Chicago – KISS-FM

Boston –  KISS 108-FM

The unspoken question is how can Jamaica be so bold as to invite folks to invest in themselves at a time like this?   Well, poverty of the spirit is a deeper malady than material want as it robs one of the possibility of improving one’s state.  When one can trade in their winter of discontent, and get a big dose of vitamin D for the body & soul, one will be well prepared to deal with the challenging circumstances we encounter.

Spread the word folks, participate, and exercise a little genius in investing in  yourself that will have multiplying effects.

Let us know about your sightings/impressions of this campaign .

Here is a first report from Chicago by Helen Ames



CHICAGO – January 15, 2009 –  CHICAGO COMMUTERS ESCAPED THE CITY’S FRIGID CHILL WITH A JAMAICAN WINTER RESCUE  –   At Chicago’s Union Station, local commuters got a taste of all things Jamaica including taxi toppers, backdrop spectaculars, free goodies, and live reggae music.  Glen Bucknor, Jamaica Tourist Board representative based in Chicago, is seen above giving local commuters many reasons they should take a Jamaican Winter Rescue including value and accessibility the destination offers.  Commuters also got into the island vibe by jamming to live reggae music provided by the Jamaican One Man Band.

And from Boston by Alicia Rainbolt.

Hope she is heading to our place of Eternal Summer.


 And in New York –  On her way to a better place..