Jamaica’s Entertainm​ent Show Dwrap “Edutanes” With Saudicka Diaram

DWRAP is considered one of, if not the best Entertainment Show in Jamaica. DWRAP which airs on CVM TV every Friday at 9pm, and a rebroadcast on Saturdays at 6:30pm. DWRAP gives you an eclectic mix of entertainment stories locally and internationally.

DWRAP is described as the fastest growing entertainment lifestyle magazine show on television; it captures an audience base form 16-35 with its fresh “Edutaning” and captivating content. The 30 minutes package bridge the gap between the class barriers, showing a diverse of activities unique to particular subcultures in Jamaica. If one desires to find out the fresh new artiste on the music scene, or the newest chill spot, events that are the talk of the town, breaking stories, latest trends in fashion technology or otherwise DWRAP is the place to cater to these needs.

When we asked viewers to describe the show, easily we hear phrases like, “informative package, premium entertainment news, enviable fashion, celebrity news, breaking stories exclusive interviews and behind the scenes first look.”

The host/producer of the show is the twice award winner entertainment Journalist (2009 and 2011) Saudicka Diaram, she brings not only insights to the world of entertainment, but her presentation style is warming, engaging and rather captivating. Given all the above it is no surprise that DWRAP is Jamaica’s fastest growing lifestyle and entertainment show. This masterpiece can be viewed on Fridays at 9pm with an encore presentation on Saturdays at 6.30pm on CVM TV.