Jamaica’s Top 10 Female Sprinters Of All-time

Developing lists and rankings of any kind will always present a challenge to those brave enough to embrace the task, and is an undertaking that will invariably stoke the flames of controversy. As such, ranking Jamaica’s top 10 femalesprinters of all time will offer no different outcome.

Given Jamaica’s recent dominance in female sprinting, sweeping the 100 meters medals in Beijing in addition to gold in the 200 meters, and claiming gold, silver and a fourth place finish in Berlin, there is no better time than the presentto take a hard look at how these ladies rank all-time. There were certain challenges along the way, and in this case, my greatest challenge was trying to determine which criteria should receive the most consideration. The performance of an athlete in the brightest of spotlights is for me, the most important criterion in measuring greatness.  As a result, I’ve decided that the performances in the Olympics and World Championships, in particular, the quality of an athlete’s placing in an event should receive the highest consideration. See the top 10 list here >>

Source: Trackalerts.com